A Day of REST

Learn about the WordPress REST API from the team building it and the people using it.

28th January 2016, Conway Hall, London

WordSesh 3

Join the fun!
Everything You Need To Know

About WordSesh

WordSesh is 1 full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you may be. Oh, and it's FREE!


WordSesh will take place on Saturday, December 20, 2014, 00:00 - 24:00 UTC.


24 sessions. 1 session every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours.


Right here! So grab your coffee, sit back and relax! All you need to do is be by a computer.


Because we love WordPress just as much as you do! So grab a pen and some paper and get ready to learn a ton of WordPress knowledge.

Missed Out Last Year?

What is this UTC+0 you speak of?!


Since people will be tuning in to WordSesh from all over the globe we needed a way to standardize the time.

When Does WordSesh Start for You?

We know it's awesome :)

Everyone Loves WordSesh

  • “Seeing all those awesome presenters without having to travel was brilliant. Doing it in my PJ’s: Bonus!”

    Chris Lema http://chrislema.com/
  • “It was amazing how WordSesh felt like a real WordCamp! Just that it was online. Great presenters and organizers!”

    Nikhil V. http://techvoltz.com/
  • “It was fun to see how loopy Scott Basgaard got w/out sleeping for more than a day for @WordSesh. The talks rocked, too.”

    Jesse Petersen http://www.petersenmediagroup.com/
  • “There isn’t any other event that could assemble this much WP knowledge in one place.”

    Michael Silva http://michaelsilva.me/
The Most Awesome


Jan McClintock

    Gregg Franklin

      Jenny Ragan

        Ann Foley

          Gina Stricklind

            Eric Juden

              Michal Bezak

                Jose Carlos

                  Brandon Dove

                    Matthew Ricketts

                      Chad Passaro

                        Frederic Sune

                          Zach Russell

                            Michael Atkins

                              Yousuf Tafhim

                                Aris Blevinz

                                  Bryan Cady

                                    Ryan Tvenge

                                      Juan Aldasoro

                                        Ddim Bb

                                          Remi Corson

                                            Cemal Tashan

                                              Mike Selander

                                                Stacy Kvernmo

                                                  Dave Ross

                                                    Andrea Barghigiani

                                                      Florent Chridtophe

                                                        Laurence Turner

                                                          Rui Guerreiro

                                                            Miles Kailburn

                                                              Akeda Bagus

                                                                Guillaume Hamel

                                                                  Aisha Adams

                                                                    Chris Malone

                                                                      Leslie Paredes

                                                                        Mayuko Moriyama

                                                                          Aline Héau

                                                                            Bryce Jacobson

                                                                              Sam Lee Pan

                                                                                Peter Einarsson

                                                                                  Grégoire Noyelle

                                                                                    Luke Oatham

                                                                                      Niklas Högefjord

                                                                                        Jeff Lam

                                                                                          Lukasz Mazan

                                                                                            Steven Jones

                                                                                              Scott Kloustin

                                                                                                Bradley Davis

                                                                                                  Bob Spies

                                                                                                    Michael Musgrove

                                                                                                      That's just a few. There are over 474 of them!

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